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San Juan City: Sunrise Buckets

A friend of a friend said that Sunrise Buckets is one of the places that serve good buffalo wings, so we decided to give the place a try.

The store’s interior looks good. It has a Hawaiian theme going on and plays reggae music in the background.

Hawaiian Interior
Hawaiian Interior

We ordered the following flavors: Smokin’ BBQ, Sunrise Original and Garlic Parmesan.

1/2 pound (4-5 pcs)
1/2 pound (4-5 pcs.)

Smokin’ BBQ tasted like… well.. barbeque. Garlic Parmesan was a bit bland. The taste of garlic was barely there and I can’t seem to find the parmesan. Among the three, we liked Sunrise Original the best. It has just the right level of spiciness and the chicken tastes good even without the sour cream dip.

Overall, the place’s ambiance is nice. The food was average. But the staff was friendly and helpful. The cashier was nice to ask what level of spiciness we wanted and recommended some items in the menu. She also pointed out that 2 of the flavors we ordered were similar, so it might be better if we choose another flavor.

We might go back again next time to try out their other dishes — when our tummies are less full.

Sunrise Bucket Menu:

Sunrise Bucket Menu
Sunrise Bucket Menu

Sunrise Buckets
Madison Square,
(beside E-Lanes Bowling, Across Ica/Xavier)
Ortigas Avenue
San Juan
Tel. No. 4-777-636


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