Quezon City: Grills and Sizzles

A friend gave a tip that Grills and Sizzles at Examiner Street has a promo: PhP 125 for a T-Bone steak. Being a steak lover, I couldn’t resist, so we decided to try the place immediately.

Grills and Sizzles

Grills and Sizzles

We ordered the 125-peso T-bone Steak. I was a bit disappointed because the meat was only a quarter of an inch thick, but the steak was good. The steak tasted fine even without the gravy or Worcestershire sauce.

T-bone Quarter Pound and Mashed Potatoes

T-bone Quarter Pound and Mashed Potatoes

We also ordered the Steak and Pasta. It was composed of Tenderloin Steak and Pasta in Tomato Sauce. The pasta tasted bland; But the Tenderloin, like the T-bone steak, tasted great.

Steak and Pasta

Steak and Pasta @ PhP 295

The next time we dine here, we’ll stick with the steaks.

P.S. The restaurant also offers a Paella & Steak dinner buffet on weeknights for PhP 298.

Grills and Sizzles
57 Examiner St.
West Triangle
Quezon City
Tel. No. 9258453 / 4105345


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