Coffee: UCC Drip Coffee

One of my friends from Hong Kong has been raving about a yummy instant coffee called UCC Drip Coffee for months now. He claimed that is better than Starbucks’ Via. I was curious since i can’t find this in any of the supermarkets or the UCC Cafes in Manila.

So imagine my surprise and delight when two of my friends from Hong Kong sent a pack of UCC Drip coffee.

UCC Drip Coffee

One pack contains 6 variants (with 2 sachets each): Blue Mountain Blend, Hawaii Kona Blend, Original Blend, Mocha Blend, and Kilimanjaro Blend.

So far, I’ve only tried the Blue Mountain Blend and the Hawaii Kona Blend. (The latter being my friend’s favorite.) The Hawaii Kona Blend has a mild taste that relaxes the drinker. It tasted great whether drank as plain black coffee or with a dash of milk.

I’m definitely buying a pack or two the next time I visit Hong Kong.


2 thoughts on “Coffee: UCC Drip Coffee

  1. I am interested to distribute drip coffee. Any idea the cost of a packet ?. Any leads to manufactures in China ?

    1. Hi sir we are importer company here in the Philippines and we are looking for a Distributor of our coffee(Drip coffee) in the Philippines and this one is from Japan.IF you are interested and want some details you can send me an email and I’ll reach you once I received your email.

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