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Mercato: Simply Delicioso

Flooded by thousands of different smells from barbeques to sweets, it was the mouth-watering smell of chili that led us to Simply Delicioso’s stall at Mercato Centrale. It was then that I found the best Texas-style Chili in Metro Manila.

Simply Delicioso (Catering to your epicurean taste) is run by Gina and James Gallegos. Everything they offer is home-cooked by Gina. They are said of offer the best-tasting, best valued Spanish, European and Western-style dishes.

Simply Delicioso

Simply Delicioso Menu

We ordered their excellent Texas Chili topped with garlic-yogurt sauce and jalapeno. It’s worth noting that they use beef chunks instead of the usual ground meat. One order is filling enough for a whole meal, but you can opt to order a bowl with rice for a total of PhP 100.

Texas Chili
Texas Chili (PhP 80)

We also had their creamy and cheesy Chicken Enchilada. We liked it so much that we bought another slice for our family.

Chicken Enchilada
Chicken Enchilada (PhP 80)
Chicken Enchilada
Chicken Enchilada (PhP 80)

We wanted to try out the other items on the menu but we’re too full. Oh well, this is one good reason why we have to go back to Mercato Centrale or look for them at McKinley asap!


Check their facebook page / twitter to know where they will be setting up shop.


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