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Promo: Serenitea Anniversary Jumbo Cups 2011

It’s that time of the year again; the day Serenitea fans are waiting for… their anniversary (December 19)! From December 19 to 21, order one of their Top 10 Large Serenitea drinks and get a free upgrade to 1 Litre!

Serenitea Anniversary Promo
Serenitea Anniversary Promo

You can choose from their Top 10 best sellers:

    Okinawa Milk Tea
    Green Apple Green Tea
    Nagoya Milk Tea
    Mango Frost
    Hokkaidot Milk Tea
    Hazelnut Tea Latte
    Green Apple Yakult
    Nutty Choco Milk Tea
    Frosting Black Tea
    Wintermelon Milk Tea

Big love comes in jumbo cups! Mark your calendar from Dec 19 to 21. Enjoy a free upsize on any of our top 10. If you cant finish it all by yourself, remember, tea is sweeter when shared with someone special ❤❤❤
Serenitea Facebook page

Edit (19-Dec):
Already got my Wintermelon Milk Tea with black bricks!

Jumbo Wintermelon Milk Tea
Jumbo Wintermelon Milk Tea with Black Bricks

On to 2012!


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