Sagada: Lemon Pie House

What do you expect to eat in an almost secluded place up in the mountains whose main livelihood is farming? Vegetables, some meat, lots of rice, and fruits? Well, if you went to Sagada, don’t fret. There are plenty of other dishes to offer there. Like this one: Sagada Lemon Pie House.

Sagada Lemon Pie House is a quaint little structure situated along the main road. Ask any locals there, you’d be able to locate it very easily. (Everyone, the locals, was very nice and accommodating!) One of our blockmates mentioned that this place is a must try. So, that we did.


The interior was homey and relaxing. From the entrance, the dining tables are lowered, similar to japan’s were you have to sit on the floor or makeshift chairs. They have regular sized chairs and tables, too, but located in another room.

Their specialty is obviously lemon pie. It tasted just right. The lemon wasn’t too powerful, but it still has the tangy taste of the citrus fruit. It was delightful. They also have egg pies and blueberry pies. The egg pie was a bit sweet for me, but my blockmates loved it. Their blueberry pies are yummy! The blueberries looked a bit different from those you see in groceries, but taste the same. They are locally grown in Sagada. Blueberry pies are only available during early summers.

Besides from pies, they also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I ordered the onion and cheese omelette, garlic rice with longganisa (similar to chorizo); and a cup of mountain tea with milk.

I was not disappointed with what I had ordered. The mountain milk tea was above average. It tasted different, but it somewhat remind me of ginger tea. Or it could just be me. They serve the drink unsweetened. I added two teaspoons of sugar.

I love the omelette. It was soft and cheesy but not to the point of being overwhelmed/getting tired of the taste. The side dish of cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes were crunchy. I expected no less from them.

The other dishes that were ordered: Chicken Adobo with Regular Rice and Red Spicy Chicken with Regular Rice and Fries. They were equally good. The fries were the best, though. It can rival McDonald’s fries, but only Sagada’s healthier.

The foods were a bit pricy from what we had expected, but their servings were two times of Manila’s or more. It seriously felt like the food never reduced after eating for 30 minutes in between chatting. According to our guide, the size of the servings in restaurants there, are similar to the size of the local’s portions. In short, they eat a lot, but all of the locals we saw looked healthy and fit, though. o_o;

If I get a chance to go back to Sagada, I definitely will go back and try Lemon Pie House’s other dishes (and share with someone else), and maybe order Fries a la carte. If my stomach still has a space for dessert: a slice of lemon pie or blueberry pie please~! ^_^

Their official website:


2 thoughts on “Sagada: Lemon Pie House

    1. I thought we did order too much, since a serving is good for 2 people. If I remember correctly, we had an early breakfast there (730am ish?), but we ate lunch at around 2-3pm. We were that full. =))

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