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Baler: Gerry Shan’s Place

Finding a place to eat in Baler is a challenge during the Holy Week. Most of the places in town are closed for the holidays resulting in just a few open restaurants with a 2-hour waiting time (no kidding!). Some places even run out of food to serve to the hungry masses. So after a morning of surfing the waves at Sabang Beach, we went to the place where food is always good and bountiful to appease our grumbling stomachs.

Gerry Shan's Place
Gerry Shan's Place

Gerry Shan’s Place is a restaurant popular for its Eat and Drink all-you-can for only PhP 150. Locals and tourists alike troop to this place to satisfy their bottomless stomachs with over 20 viands to choose from. They serve both Filipino and Chinese food, from Sinigang na baboy and paksiw to sweet and sour fish. All their dishes taste good. We personally liked their fried pork cutlets (the pork tastes like lechon), meatballs (pork-beef combo with herbs), and pinoy spaghetti.

Gerry Shan's Buffet Table
Gerry Shan's Buffet Table

The place has a three-step process:
1. Pay PhP 150 at the counter and wait for the staff to direct you to a table.
2. Get your plates, utensils, and glasses from the counter.
3. Go get food. The staff will serve your pitcher of iced tea shortly. (Yes, there is unlimited iced tea.)

Gerry Shan's Buffet
Gerry Shan's Buffet

Just a reminder before tucking in: As with all the other eat-all-you-can places, they have a No Sharing and No Leftover policy. Leftovers will be charged Php 150/plate.

Everybody heading towards Baler must definitely stop by Gerry Shan’s. Unlimited great tasting food and refreshing iced tea for only 150 pesos? What more could you ask for?

Gerry Shan’s Place
Quezon Street
Baler, Aurora
Open: Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Just ask any of the tricycle drivers. It’s near the big Mercury Drugstore along Quezon Street.


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