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Quezon City: Octoboy

For somebody who’s fond of eating “authentic” dishes, it is hard to find takoyaki in Manila that’s close to the original ones sold in Osaka. The stalls in the mall offer takoyaki balls that are cooked like the original. They are cooked in a metal contraption that have uniformly sized craters. They look like the original, too. They’re golden brown on the outside. However after dissecting the golden ball, you’ll realize that the takoyaki is missing a key ingredient. Where is the octopus? Takoyaki means “fried octopus”. How can you call something takoyaki if it doesn’t have octopus in it?

After that disappointing experience, I was informed by a friend that I must try Octoboy at Banawe. Apparently, this place claims that they are “offering the true taste of takoyaki and other Japanese food”. We decided to give this place a chance.

We ordered their specialty dishes: Octopus Takoyaki and Octopus Okonomiyaki.

Octopus Takoyaki @ PhP 120
Octopus Takoyaki @ PhP 120

The takoyaki is served with terriyaki sauce and japanese mayo, topped with nori flakes and fish flakes. True to its store name, Octoboy’s Octopus takoyaki indeed has octopus as it’s filling! Wait a minute. Octopus Takoyaki = Octopus Fried Octopus. Yes, it sounds redundant, but it’s because the place serve takoyaki-like balls filled with bacon & cheese or shrimp instead of the usual octopus.

Octopus Okonomiyaki @ PhP 285
Octopus Okonomiyaki @ PhP 285

The okonomiyaki, also known as Japanese pancake, was served in a sizzling plate. What makes the Octoboy okonomiyaki memorable is the generous serving of melted mozzarella cheese that makes it tastier.

In a nutshell, Octoboy serves great tasting takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The serving size is slightly above average for the price. However, since they only start cooking your food upon receiving the order, be prepared to wait for around 15 minutes.

Octoboy menu (For Deliveries)
Octoboy Menu
Octoboy Menu

670 Banawe Street
(corner Retiro Street)
Brgy Siena
Quezon City
Telephone No.: 4092704


2 thoughts on “Quezon City: Octoboy

    1. Hi, I’ve asked them if they deliver to manila (e.g. Binondo) and they replied that they do, but they have a minimum amount for delivery.

      You can email to get more info regarding delivery to your location πŸ™‚

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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