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Antipolo: Cathedral and Pasalubong

One of these weekends, why don’t you try to visit a place near metro manila that is not an air-conditioned building with establishments that magically zaps your money? Antipolo City is only 29 km away from Manila.

One of the places you must visit is the Antipolo Cathedral. Antipolo Cathedral is home to the shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Back in our parents’ days when travelling on an airplane a.k.a. “dangerous big metal things with wings” (according to the ancient ones) was rare and expensive, they make a pilgrimage to this shrine to pray for a safe journey. The church also offers a car blessing service after mass. If you’re interested in getting your car blessed, just ask any of the kids running around offering motorists parking spaces. They’ll point you to the driveway for the car blessing waiting area.

Antipolo Cathedral
Antipolo Cathedral

Before going home, you must stop by the Pasalubong Center beside the church compound. There, you can see numerous stalls with mounds of kasoy (cashew nut) and suman (glutinous rice rolls).

Kasoy (cashew nuts) and other pasalubong items
Kasoy (cashew nuts) and other pasalubong items

The sales person we talked to boasts that the Antipolo kasoy is the best because it does not irritate the throat — meaning even if you eat half a kilo of Antipolo kasoy, you will not get a sore throat. (Well, that’s what she said. Don’t forget to drink water when eating nuts!)

The price for 1 kilo of kasoy this summer of 2012 ranges from 500 to 600 Php, depending on how many kilos you buy. If you have a suki, you can buy kasoy for a lower price. (Haggle!)

Our suki is Tita Fely from Fely’s special kasoy, suman, kalamay, atbp. We’ve been buying from her for more than 5 years. The bundles of suman she sell is always made fresh every morning and is made with good quality malagkit. The store’s kasoy is also freshly roasted every morning and is available plain or salted.
Fely's special kasoy, suman, kalamay, atbp
Fely’s special kasoy, suman, kalamay, atbp

Antipolo City Website


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