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Taguig: JD House of Lasagna

Somebody gave us a tip about a place known for its lasagna. Lasagna being one of my favorite dishes, we decided to go on a long trip to McKinley, Taguig to try out JD House of Lasagna. After dealing with the grueling C-5 traffic, we finally made it to McKinley! However, for us non-Taguig folks, looking for this place proved to be a challenge since the map we got somewhere in the internet was wrong. Good thing a helpful security guard came to our rescue.

Upon reaching the place, we sat down and decided to order all three types of lasagna and the Chicken Chili Garlic pasta.

Beef Lasagna
Beef Lasagna

Tuna Lasagna
Tuna Lasagna

The Beef Lasagna and Tuna Lasagna were both good. But the tuna lasagna was lacking well… tuna. On the plus side, it didn’t have that fishy taste. The serving size for the lasagnas was decent for PhP 100.

Chicken Chili Garlic
Chicken Chili Garlic

We ordered the Chicken Chili Garlic pasta because it was the first time we saw such a combination of pasta. The spiciness of the dish was somewhat like the Korean hot pepper paste — it gets spicier as you eat more of the stuff. Contrary to the description, the dish is lacking on the chicken department. Overall, the taste is good and the dish would have been worth the price if only it had more chicken in it.

So, is visiting the place worth suffering through the C-5 traffic? Not really. But if you are already in the Fort Bonifacio area anyway, why not check this place out?

JD House of Lasagna Menu

JD House of Lasagna Manu
JD House of Lasagna Manu

JD House of Lasagna
Address : Unit 3 Woodridge Cluster
McKinley, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City
Contact No. : 8222453

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