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Quezon City: Romulo Cafe

We have eaten at this place separately on different occasions and raved about the great tasting food. It’s not surprising when we decided to eat together as a family at Romulo Cafe for our noche buena. As always, calling in for a reservation is a must. We’re lucky that we were able to get a reservation during this busy day.

Romulo Cafe
Romulo Cafe

Pomelo Salad
Pomelo Salad (PhP 250)

Pomelo Salad: What made the Pomelo Salad yummier and unique is the Strawberry Vinaigrette from Baguio.

Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan
Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan (PhP 650)

Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan: When visiting this place, one must never forget to order their Boneless Crispy Pata. Crispy skin and soft, juicy meat without the hassle of removing the bones — forget about the amount of cholesterol for once. ‘Tis the season for feasting after all.

Flying Tilapia with 3 Sauces
Flying Tilapia with 3 Sauces (PhP 350)

Flying Tilapia with 3 Sauces: Yes, the fish is a bit on the thin side today. Anyway, the three sauces are: sweet chili garlic sauce, honey bagoong and pickled ampalaya and soyed vinegar. My personal favorite — the sweet chili garlic sauce, simply because I love garlic with fried stuff.

Tito Greg's Karekare
Tito Greg’s Karekare (PhP 450)

Tito Greg’s Karekare: The karekare is full of tender ox meat chunks. The lack of skin baffles me, but I’m not really complaining. (I’m not really a fan of the non-meat part.)

Gising-gising (PhP 150)

Gising-gising: Chopped string beans cooked in coconut milk with chili to add spice to the dish — in short, ginataang sitaw / baguio beans.

Romulo Cafe Menu

Romulo Cafe Menu
Romulo Cafe Menu

(Most of their dishes serves 2-3 people per order.)

Romulo Cafe
Address : #32 Scout Lazcano cor Scout Tuason
Quezon City
Contact No. : (02) 3327275 / (02) 332 7273 / 09156623121

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