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San Juan: Deliboys Six Flags Sandwich

Are you a meat-lover an insatiable appetite? Why not try this sandwich?

Deliboys: Six Flags (PhP 370)
Deliboys: Six Flags (PhP 370)

Six Flags is made of:
Foccacia Bread
Maple Ham
Pepperoni Salami
Sweet Ham
Lettuce & Tomato
Cheddar Cheese

Our 2-man team struggled a bit to finish this meaty sandwich. Maybe it’s because we had pasta on the side. But according to the owner, there was a family who finished one sandwich per family member.

So… Challenge accepted?

Address : Unit 206 Northeast Square Bldg
Conneticut Street
San Juan City, Philippines
Business Hours : Everyday except Mondays 11:00AM to 9:00PM
Contact No. : 7216852
E-Mail :

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