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La Union: Ma-Cho Temple

Whenever our family goes to northern Luzon during our vacations, we make it a point to pass by the Ma-Cho Temple in La Union to light three incense sticks and offer a prayer of thanks to Ma-Cho (媽祖). During me and my friends’ surfing trip to San Juan, I asked them to add a visit to the Ma-Cho Temple in our itinerary.

Ma-Cho Temple's Majestic Five Door Gate
Ma-Cho Temple’s Majestic Five Door Gate

Even for the non-believers, the temple is worth visiting because of the majestic architecture and beautiful gardens.

Ma-Cho Temple
Address : Barangay I (Poblacion)
San Fernando, La Union

How to get there from San Fernando

Option 1: Take a tricycle from the San Fernando Plaza. It costs PhP 30 for one tricycle back in 2012.
Option 2: Take a jeep going to Bacnotan, San Juan. Ask the driver to drop you at the temple gates.


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