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La Union: Pindangan Ruins

Other than the Ma-Cho Temple, another place where you can relax and reflect is the Pindangan Ruins. The church was built in 1786 but was destroyed by an earthquake.

Pindangan Ruins
Pindangan Ruins

A friend said that the site felt creepy with the stone walls and vegetation growing everywhere (plus there’s a well that reminded her of the one where Sadako climbed out of in the movie The Ring). For me, it is a peaceful place for self-reflection.

Pindangan Ruins
Address : Brgy. San Vicente
San Fernando, La Union

How to get there from San Fernando

We talked to a random jeepney driver during his break time near the market and convinced him to drive us around for 4 hrs for PhP 300. Not a bad deal for our group of six because he also volunteered to get us into Thunderbird Poro Point. (This is the resort where they shot the movie No Other Woman with Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey and Cristine Reyes.)


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