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San Juan – Deliboys

Whenever we’re hit with a craving for steak or a good sandwich, we always go to Deliboys along Conneticut St., San Juan. Deliboys is officially our favorite steak place with their affordable yet tasty, mouth-watering steaks.

Meltique Striploin (PhP 680)
Meltique Striploin (PhP 680)

Meltique Striploin (PhP 680): How can anybody resist a perfectly cooked cut of beef with a yummy side of mashed potatoes and veggies? The guys at Deliboys really know their stuff when it comes to cooking the meat they’re selling. Also, where else can you find a 250g meltique striploin cooked just the way you like it at PhP 680?

Deliboys Roast Beef Sandwich (PhP 240)
Deliboys Roast Beef Sandwich (PhP 240)

Roast Beef Sandwich (PhP 240): Another favourite of ours is their Roast Beef sandwich — tender roast beef strips with cheddar. Why not add mozarella cheese to make it cheesier?

Juicy Suzy (PhP 200)
Juicy Suzy (PhP 200)

Juicy Suzy (PhP 200): Their signature burger is, as it name says, juicy. Juicy suzy’s burger patty uses Angus Beef with cheese inside. Definitely a must try for burger lovers.

Deliboys Big Kahuna
Deliboys Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna: It’s a Juicy Suzy with an extra patty for those with big appetites.

Deliboys Shawarma
Deliboys Shawarma

Shawarma: Unlike the usual shawarma that uses cubed beef that is more fat than beef, their shawarma uses angus beef cooked just the way you like it. (Yes, like they do steaks.) The serving size is good for sharing.

For those who have extra large appetites, they have the Six Flags Sandwich that will definitely satisfy your hunger.

Deliboys Owner
Deliboys Owner

Overall, Deliboys is a great place to dine it. They also sell the ingredients they use from the meat to the cooking oil and condiments. They do have fish and other non-beef dishes for those who don’t eat beef. For those with diet restrictions, don’t be shy and talk to the owners. They are friendly and will gladly cook a great tasting meal for you.

Address : Unit 206 North East Square
Connecticut Street
San Juan, Philippines
Business Hours : Tue – Sun: 11:30 – 21:30
Contact No. : +632 7216852


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