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Melbourne: Market Lane Coffee

During our visit to the Queen Victoria Market, there were many coffee shops brewing heavenly smelling coffee. Our hosts brought us to the shop that, in their opinion, serves the best coffee in QV Market — Market Lane Coffee.

Market Lane Coffee

We love to make coffee for the city who love to drink it.
– Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee is my second favorite coffee shop in Melbourne, after Brother Baba Budan.

The interior was clean and spacious. Unlike most cafes that are usually filled with small tables and chairs, they had a large open space with two benches along the walls.

Market Lane Coffee QV Market Interior

I usually order a skinny latte; however, the barista informed me that they don’t serve coffee with skim or soy milk. Instead, they use “organic, unhomogenised milk” which is naturally creamy and sweet. I’m not a fan of creamy milk, but I wouldn’t mind having a delicious cup of creamy coffee from this place.

Market Lane Coffee
Address : 109-111 Therry Street
Melbourne 3000
Business Hours : Monday: 7am – 2pm
Tuesday: 7am – 3pm
Wednesday: 7am – 2pm
Thursday: 7am – 3pm
Friday & Saturday: 7am – 4pm
Sunday: 8am – 3.30pm


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