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Batangas: Scuba Diving at Anilao

Even if the weather was horrible and Batangas is under Storm Signal No. 2, we were still set on going scuba diving. A phone call to the resort during the early morning of June 30 confirmed that the waves and current were not that bad and that it was okay to dive. Therefore, we decided to push through with our diving plans and headed off to Planet Dive at Anilao, Batangas.

Planet Dive
Planet Dive

When we got there, the water was murky because of the sediments. You will not see anything other than sandy water if you go snorkeling. The resort advised our diver friends to check out if visibility under the water was okay for us intro divers.

Orco sending the divers off
Orco sending the divers off

After a few minutes of checking, they said that visibility was poor. The resort recommended diving at a nearby island at an additional cost for chartering a boat. Since we’re already there and going home without diving is a waste, we decided to go with their recommendation.

We newbies did not have our own equipment, so we rented from the resort.

Diving gear
Diving gear

The visibility at the new place was better than the area in front of the resort, but the water was murkier compared to our first dive at the same resort one sunny day a month before. Also, because of the difference in water temperature, there were jellyfish in the area. Even with these negative stuff, we were still able to enjoy the dive. The water was teeming with marine life. There were a lot of corals and fish. I also saw a lobster. (No, the thought of catching the lobster for lunch did not cross my mind. I’m allergic to them.)

Photos were taken by our good friend who introduced us to scuba diving.

After snorkeling and diving, a buffet lunch was waiting for us back at the resort.

Orco welcoming us home
Orco welcoming us home

The food was average, but their Tinola was awesome.

Buffet lunch
Buffet lunch

We rested a bit while waiting for our diver friends to finish packing up their gear.

Great place to rest
Great place to rest

Total Diving Expense:

  • Entrance w/ buffet lunch: PhP 550
  • Intro Diving w/ equipment rental: PhP 1440
  • Boat: PhP 270
  • Dive Pass: PhP 200
  • Total: PhP 2460

Overall, our intro dive experience was good. We’re thankful that our good friend introduced us to the wonderful world of diving. We even planned on enrolling in a scuba diving certification course. When? We’re not yet sure. We’re currently saving up for the course fees and diving equipment.

Diving gear

So, until we get our licences, we will continue to explore the beautiful Philippine seas under the careful guidance of the friendly local dive masters.

Planet Dive
Resort Address : San Teodoro, Mabini
Booking Office : G-02 Rada Regency Rada St. corner Dela Rosa St.
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Contact No. : (+63)9167043718 and (+63)24752067
Website :

5 thoughts on “Batangas: Scuba Diving at Anilao

  1. You should! CMAS license, pwede na. A lot more cheaper than getting PADI.

    Pareho lang din naman. Mas sikat lang yung isa. At mas magastos. Nasa magtuturo naman yun! πŸ˜€

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