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Antipolo: Tamagoya Noodle House

Whenever dad has to visit his clients in the Marikina area, the entire family usually goes with him. The reason? A stopover at nearby Tamagoya (one of our favorite ramen places) for our merienda.

Tamagoya Exterior
Tamagoya Exterior

Yaki-Gyozza (PhP 98)
Yaki-Gyozza (PhP 98)

Yaki-Gyozza (PhP 98): They’re wonderful gyoza is one of my two favorite gyozas. It’s flavorful with the right combination of meat and cabbage. Also, the skin doesn’t stick to the plate nor each other and the fried flat side is not overcooked.

Chuka Soba (PhP 148)
Chuka Soba (PhP 148)

Chuka Soba (PhP 148): This is mom’s favorite dish. Noodles with soy sauce base soup — simple yet great tasting and filling

Miso Ramen (PhP 158)
Miso Ramen (PhP 158)

Miso Ramen (PhP 158): Noodles with Japanese miso paste base soup — great for miso lovers.

Stamina Ramen (PhP 168): As a spicy food lover, this is my personal favorite. Noodles with chili miso paste base soup. I forgot to take a picture because I immediately started eating once the bowl was placed in front of me.


Tamagoya serves great tasting ramen at a reasonable price, however, as the disclaimer on their menu said, it takes a while for them to serve your food after you order. Oh well, more time to catch up on how everyone is doing after a long week.

Tamagoya Noodle House
Address : 2 V.V. Soliven Ave.
Mayamot, Antipolo City
Business Hours : Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM / 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Contact No. : 8618531 / 6814804
Facebook Page: Exterior


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