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Bacolod: MassKara Festival 2013

We enjoyed the MassKara 2013. As always, the Bacolodnons are extremely friendly, helpful, nice and polite. Two note-worthy positive experiences are:
1. When asking for commuting directions near the government center, the woman not only gave us instructions, she also accompanied us to the jeepney stop.
2. The taxi drivers always gave us change. There was one time when the driver gave us 10 pesos instead of 9 pesos because he did not have enough 1 peso coins.

On the down side, our companion’s phone got stolen during the party at the Lacson tourism strip. In general, the police presence is noticeable in the area, however, pickpockets and their associates move to other areas whenever they see policemen coming. Hopefully, there will be more plainclothes police in the vicinity during next year’s activities.

Lesson when travelling: Always look after you and your companions’ belongings.


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