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Yogyakarta: Prambanan

No less majestic than the Borobudur Temple, Prambanan — the tallest Hindu temple in the world, is beautiful.


The legend surrounding the Prambanan is an interesting one. In a nutshell, a warrior asked the charming princess Rara Jonggrang for her hand in marriage. The princess hated the warrior because he killed her father, so she set an impossible condition: build a thousand temples in a night. Luckily, the warrior had supernatural powers to conjure spirits to help him out. He succeeded in building 999 temples and was about to finish the task when the princess ordered her servants to set a fire in the east of the temple to make the prince and spirits believe that the sun was rising. Upon learning about the trick, the prince turned the princess to stone. She became the 1000th statue. Some say that the princess is the image of Durga in the Shiva Temple. (AN: Why are females always the evil ones?)


Information on ticket prices and how to get there:


  • The entrance fee includes free coffee, tea and water at the ticketing office.
  • Riding the toy train that shuttles people around the park is free of charge for foreigners. Just present your ticket.
  • If you want to buy the Prambanan + Ratu Boko combination ticket, buy it at either the tourism office along Malioboro or visit Prambanan first. The cashier at the ticketing office in Ratu Boko said they don’t carry the combo ticket there.
  • Can’t understand the story of Ramayana through the reliefs at Siva Temple? Watch the Ramayana ballet instead. Check out the ticket prices and schedule at Ramayana Prambanan. The show is totally worth the time and money!

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