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Yogyakarta: Itinerary and budget

Somebody asked us how much pocket money he needs to bring on a trip to Yogyakarta excluding airfare and hotel stay. During our January 2014 trip to Yogyakarta, we exchanged USD 150 to 1,815,000 IDR per person. (1 USD = 12,100 IDR) It was more than enough to cover all the airport taxes, transportation, entrance fees, food and souvenirs.

Here is the 4-day Yogyakarta itinerary that one of my great travel buddies created.

Day 0
23:45 Arrive at Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK) Taxi to Domestic Terminal (Rp30,000 / 4pax) Rp7,500
Day 1
05:20 Depart from Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK) Domestic Travel tax Rp40,000
06:25 Arrive at Adi Sucipto Airport (JOG) Breakfast Rp27,500
08:30 Hotel Arjuna Trans Jogja bus to Hotel Rp3,500
  Lunch Malioboro Mall Foodcourt Rp32,000
  Grocery/Snack   Rp49,300
Day 2
  Rent a car 2 days + tip (divide by 4pax) Rp260,000
06:00 Borobudur   Rp220,000
12:00 Dieng Plateau   Rp50,000
  Lunch   Rp46,000
  Dinner Lotus Mio Café Rp61,600
  Souvenir Chocolate Monggo Rp74,500
Day 3
09:30 Kraton Yogyakarta Entrance Fee: Rp12,500 + Camera Fee: Rp1,000 Rp13,500
10:45 Taman Sari Entrance Fee w/ guide Rp15,000
13:30 Prambanan   Rp198,000
  Lunch   Rp25,000
  Dinner   Rp33,000
19:30 Ramayana Ballet   Rp175,000
Day 4
  Malioboro Souvenir Rp45,000
  Lunch Malioboro Mall Rp12,500
  Snack Excelso Kopi Rp35,000
16:10 Depart from Adi Sucipto Airport (JOG) Domestic Travel Tax Rp30,000
17:15 Arrive at Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK)    
  Dinner   Rp52,000
00:30 Depart from Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK) International Travel Tax Rp150,000
Total Rp1,655,900

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