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Benguet: Mt. Pulag

Thanks to a friend who invited us for the trip, we were finally able to see the famous “sea of clouds” from Mt. Pulag. Since we were all beginners, we trekked to the summit via the Ambangeg Trail a.k.a. the “executive trail”. Thankfully, we were blessed with perfect weather (i.e. not extremely cold and no rain).

Learnings on what to bring:

  • A good pair of trekking shoes makes trekking a whole lot easier. Slippery rocks and muddy trails? No problem.
  • A sleeping bag is a must for people who are not used to cold climates. It will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Headlamps are better than flashlights because it frees your hands for the 3AM trek to the summit. It’s also great for navigating through the dark restroom, lest you accidentally slip into the hole where people do their business.
  • Trail food (e.g. nuts, granola bars, yema, etc) helps keep your energy up.
  • Sports drinks (e.g. Pocari Sweat) hydrates better than water. (The two of us only consumed a total of 1.5L water and 1.5L Pocari Sweat during this overnight trip.)
  • Wet wipes: good for cleaning your hands, face, mess kit, bag, pants, tent pegs, etc.
  • Plastic bags / garbage bags: stores your trash, keep your clothes and shoes dry, can become an ad-hoc poncho or bag rain cover, and can be worn under the clothes to keep you warm.
  • Friends make the trek easier and more enjoyable. (Drama!)

Some photos from our trip:


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