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Beijing: Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant

In my opinion, DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant (北京大董烤鸭店) serves the best roast duck in Beijing. I’m not a health nut and I do like oily roast ducks, but their “Super Lean” duck is juicy and flavorful even without the yellow fat tissues. The skin was crunchy with a great smoky flavor.

DaDong "Super Lean" Roast Duck (RMB 288)
DaDong “Super Lean” Roast Duck (RMB 288)

The roast duck condiments are also different from the other places. While other restaurants serve cucumber, scallions and plum sauce; DaDong’s roast duck condiments set is composed of the three plus crushed garlic, sugar, melon slices, and pickled vegetables.

Roast Duck Condiment (RMB 12 per person)
Roast Duck Condiment (RMB 12 per person)

In addition to the usual pancake, they also serve seasame buns with the roast duck.

Seasame Puff
Seasame Puff

After carving the duck, the bones are used to cook a flavorful soup.

Duck Soup
Duck Soup

Other than the duck, the other dishes in their menu look very appetizing; however, they’re on the more expensive / “exotic” side (e.g. sea cucumber, abalone, lobster, etc). Since we visited DaDong for their roast duck, we decided to just order some vegetables and appetizers to fill us up.

Fruit salad in egg roll (Complimentary)
Fruit salad in egg roll (Complimentary)

Fruit salad in egg roll: This looks really pretty in the menu so we ordered this dish as our appetizer. The egg rolls were topped with tasty diced mango, dragon fruit, cucumber and melon. When the bill came out, we found out that the manager decided to give it to us for free. Thanks~

Chef Dong's Braised Eggplant (RMB 102)
Chef Dong’s Braised Eggplant (RMB 102)

Chef Dong’s Braised Eggplant: This is my favorite dish after the duck. The eggplant was very flavorful and texture was smooth and tender.

Sauteed Asparagus (RMB 39)
Sauteed Asparagus (RMB 39)

Sauteed Asparagus: Perfectly cooked asparagus with just the right crunch.

Water Chestnuts Dessert (Complimentary)
Water Chestnuts Dessert (Complimentary)

Water Chestnuts: I always welcome free dessert. Sweet, crunchy water chestnuts served on top of dry ice. It’s nice, but some of my companions thought it tasted odd.

According to reviews, it’s highly recommended that diners should either make a reservation or go to the restaurant during “off-peak” hours. Being the free-spirited travellers that we were (i.e. We forgot to make a reservation.), we decided to just show up at 6pm without a reservation. Big mistake. We were the 5th large group in the waiting list and waited in line for two and a half hours. To make waiting more bearable, the restaurant offers guests waiting in line unlimited drinks, some snacks, and dessert.

Free-flowing drinks c/o the bartenders (Photo by: Elaine)

Feel free to watch the chef’s manually cook other people’s duck while waiting.

DaDong roast duck viewing gallery
DaDong roast duck viewing gallery (Photo by: Elaine)

The long waiting time gives you enough time to browse through Dadong’s menu — all 160 something pages of it.

Extremely Thick 150+ page DaDong Menu
Extremely Thick 160+ page DaDong Menu

We spent RMB 585 for six people, which is pretty reasonable.

DaDong Bill for a group of 6
Bill for a group of 6

I’d definitely come back on my next trip to Beijing. The food is awesome, the service crew are all friendly, and they gave a lot of free stuff. Some of the crew don’t speak / understand English, but the menu has English text in it so you shouldn’t have any problems with ordering.

DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant 北京大董烤鸭店 (Jinbaohui)
Address : 5th floor Jinbao Place
No. 88 Jinbao Street,
Dongcheng District,
Beijing, China
Business Hours : 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Contact No. : 010-85221111/1234
Website :


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