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Batangas: Revisiting Mt. Batulao

One rainy night, we received texts from a friend who had this crazy idea of visiting Mt. Batulao on the next day. Being the supportive friends that we are, we agreed to go on an adventure with him.


(First climb: Batangas: Mt. Batulao)

As expected, the trail was extremely muddy and there were broken slippers littered around.


The huts selling warm food, buko and soft drinks were being rebuilt after being damaged by typhoon Glenda. Good thing everybody’s safe and sound.


It started raining heavily during the ascent to the summit. Upon reaching the summit, all we saw was a 360 degree view of… fog. We waited a bit for the fog to clear and the rain to let up, unfortunately, it didn’t so we were not able to see the beautiful view.

While trudging back to the parking area, I glanced back towards the summit. Lo and behold, the ominous clouds are gone and it was clear. I guess it’s a sign that we should revisit Mt. Batulao again.


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