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Seoul: Myeongdong Cat Cafe

During our second trip to Seoul, we made sure to include a visit to a cat cafe and a dog cafe into our itinerary. After a little research, we chose Lily Cat Cafe at Myeongdong for our cat cafe. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the said cafe even after consulting google maps, naver map, and blogs. Luckily, we stumbled upon a cat mascot advertising a cat cafe one intersection after the largest Nature Republic store in Myeongdong. (coming from Myeongdong Subway exit 6)

Cat Cafe Mascot
Cat Cafe Mascot

Cat Cafe 고양이놀이터 Cat Playground in Myeongdong is located at the 3F of a building and is home to 36 adorable cats.


Standard procedure before going into cat heaven is to change from your outdoor shoes into the slippers provided by the cafe. Next, your hands will be sprayed with some antibacterial solution. You then proceed to the counter to order the mandatory admission drink: W8,000 for adults and W7000 for children. They’ll give you a table number and some plastic bags for your stuff to protect them from possible damage by the cats. Don’t worry, the drinks are pretty good.

A word of advice, that 2,000 Won cat food on the menu is a must buy if you want to get up close and personal with the cats. (No, you’re not allowed to bring in food from the outside world.) Exhibit 1:

Swarmed by cats

The cats are playful and most of them will not eat the cat food unless it’s fed to them using a spoon. We’ll definitely come back on our next trip. Without further ado, here are some of the adorable cats in the cafe.

Cat Cafe 고양이놀이터 Cat Playground in Myeongdong
Address : 서울시 중구 명동8길 37-14 3층
Business Hours : Mon – Sun: 12:00–23:00
Contact No. : +82 2-3789-2207
Website :


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